Why Do They Say These Things

I’m not interested in what Russell Brand or Jonathan Ross get up to. Their “comedy” doesn’t interest me, so I don’t listen to their radio shows and try my utmost to avoid their TV appearances.

So, after all the furore over the Manuelgate scandal, it was great to read an article with a realistic sense of proportion from Charlie Brooker.

The only complaints about the material that should be acknowledged are the 2 received after the original broadcast and not those thousands made after the subsequent media frenzy.

The 3 points I would like to make are:

1) The phone calls were not edgy , they were puerile and childish. Edgy is Tim Minchin in “Taboo” singing about the language of prejudice involving the 6 letters E-G-G-I-N-R.

2) The BBC needs to tighten up its vetting procedures prior to broadcast. I don’t deny them the right to record the material, the young producer did right to refer the matter up to his seniors. So why did they broadcast it? And why haven’t they resigned rather than Radio 2 Controller Lesley Douglas?

3) How come it was wrong to broadcast the material yet right for the Daily Mail to publish a full transcript? (I won’t fan the flames by posting a link!)?

So, in future, perhaps Jonathan Ross should take his own (or should that be his ghost-writer’s) advice? His current book is called “Why Do I Say These Things?


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