Red Green Socialism

Last night on the doorstep I described myself as a Red Green (or should that be Green Red?). So what do I mean by that?

I support many of the initiatives of SERA – Socialist Environmental and Resources Association – the Labour Environment Campaign. Their aim is to promote sustainable environmental policies within government and the Labour Party. SERA uses its experience of MP and ministerial dialogue to encourage those bodies and individuals with an interest in the environment to further environmental politics.

There’s a definition in the pamphlet “Red Green Socialism: Principles for the Labour Movement ” published by SERA published in May 2007, unfortunately now out of print.

In the chapter entitled “Red Green Socialism and other socialist aims”, it states:
“Red Green Socialism goes hand in hand with other objectives of the Labour movement”

    • Carbon reduction and economic growth are not mutually exclusive.
    • Carbon reduction and quality of life are mutually reinforcing.
    • Environmental industries are growing, providing more jobs and job security.
    • Tackling climate change helps, not hurts, the poor.
    • Action to insulate homes and reduce the need for energy will cut energy bills and reduce fuel poverty.
    • Climate change cannot just be a preoccupation of the prosperous – its potential for social injustice means we must all join the fight to tackle it.

I couldn”t have put it better myself.


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