St James | Letterboxes

Out on leaflet rounds this morning – delivering my A3 Newsletter and the “Exeter Parish Council” leaflet.

As ever I am astonished by the range of sizes and shapes of letterboxes.

My favourites are always placed at waist height, no bending down to ground level. Horizontal ones always easier to use that vertical ones – not sure why. Brushes behind the flap tend to impede the process of pushing the leaflets through – all our beautiful artwork gets crumpled up.

The real danger is the secondary flap on the inside. During the campaign in Alphington last year, I heard a dog thundering up the hallway, so I quickly removed my hand. Caught the index finger of my right hand on this secondary flap and ripped the fingernail off. Spent 2 hours in casualty at RD&E on Saturday afternoon.

But the biggest bugbear is the size of the letterbox. How can students (and others) cope with a flap is barely big enough to receive a postcard?

The image above is one of the smallest on the delivery round – the A3 leaflet, already folded in to 3 (by our wonderful machine) has to be folded into half to get through the opening.

By contrast, I always enjoy using the letterbox below. It is wide enough to post an A4 leaflet sideways and high enough to take the whole delivery in one go. Certainly no trapped fingers in that one.


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